Configuration file

By default, the configuration file is named kiwi.conf and is located in the directory dedicated to data related to the application (cf data directory). This file is necessary for the proper functioning of the application and allows you to configure many options via the YAML format.

A job

A backup set represents a backup in its own right, the default job is called backup1 in all configuration files. A job have a set of options.

The current version of Kiwi-Backup allows to store several jobs in a single .conf file.

Structure of the file


default_restore_path: path_to_restore files:

exclude: [] excludepattern: [] include: - /c/example.txt use_vss: 0

label: backup1 params:

active: 1 clientid: client_id clientkey: client_khey registered: true server: server_url total: 1 total_size: X


hour: 09 min: ‘57’

shutdown_after_backup: null