Command Line (CLI)

There is a command line interface to facilitate automation and technical interventions.

This interface is a simple executable that is at the root of the installation folder: kiwi.exe

List information

List the different commands available

kiwi.exe --help

List the help of a command

kiwi.exe lacommande --help

List configuration information

kiwi.exe info [--jobid]

List backup bids

kiwi.exe showbackups

Registration of a machine

  • Example: kiwi.exe install --name Serveur2012 --key CONTRACTKEY --server --jobid test


  • Example: kiwi.exe backup --jobid backup1


  • Example: kiwi.exe restore --jobid backup1 --path /home/user1/toto/ --dest /home/user1/resto/ --bid 456456456456456 --recursive


  • Example: kiwi synchro --jobid backup1

Update Client

Launch an client update

kiwi.exe update